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Dr Mrs The Monarch is Back by HollyGloha
Dr Mrs The Monarch is Back
Model/Costumer: Me!
Photographer: :iconkuragiman:

Here it is....THE costume. This is where everyone seemed to sit up and take notice of me as a costumer. Go figure. ;) Earlier pics, my boots and crown were badly made, but after some perseverance and tips from more experienced cosplayers, I got it right. One day I may redo this one in latex, but for now, the vinyl works. ;)

Dr Mrs The Monarch Costume: Wow....okay, starting from the top down...I remade the crown (the first one was a tragic monstrosity made from wonderflex, hot glue and had to be destroyed). The new one was made after I emailed caliph o'clowns and asked her for tips. Not only did she give me great tips, she even emailed me a basic pattern! caliph o'clowns, you officially rock. :) The wig is a mid-back level wig style named "Perfect" that I had to trim and trim to get Just Right. The collar was free drafted and done from 2 way stretch vinyl. The gloves were done from a Vogue pattern that I had to alter to accommodate my arms (the pattern was for twig thin arms!) The bodysuit was made from 4 way stretch vinyl using the Green Pepper Ice Skater's pattern. I had to modify the pattern a bit to make it one piece, instead of a top and bottom piece. I free drafted the butterfly pattern, "wings" and yellow trim and topstitched them all on. The boots were a Pain! I used the online tutorial (…) but still had difficulties, since this was my first time attempting to do this. I had to remake them about three times to get them right, but I'm sure there's Room For Improvement. They slip right over my Charlotte Russe heels *wear gel inserts, they save your feet!*
Blair the Cat Graveyard Model by HollyGloha
Blair the Cat Graveyard Model
Model/Costumer: Me!
Photographer: MDR Foto Art  ( )

Blair the Cat from Soul Eater! As soon as I saw her in the first episode, I knew she was the one to cosplay! (What is it with me wanting to cosplay purple haired girls that turn into cats?). I loved her fun, playful side, and being powerful in magics was a double bonus! 

Blair the Cat Costume: This is more of a lolita design, and not her cannon costume. The hat was bought from Party City (…). I popped off the conical part and used it as a template. The hat is conical, until it reaches the the crooked part. The crooked part was free drafted, stuffed and hand stitched to the conical part of the hat. The bow as free drafted and had lace stitched for detailing. A chiffon band and all the lace was hand stitched on. The wig was bought online, a three piece wig that had a base and two clip on curly pigtails. I cut off a lock of both pigtails, straightened them with a clothes steamer, wefted them, then wrapped the hair around a wire with fishing wire. I shaped the wire and attached hairclips to make them removable so I could use the wig for other cosplays. The fabrics used for this cosplay was clergy print brocade, taffeta and chiffon. The neck part and bust straps were free drafted and had the glitter and rose detailing handstitched. I found a gem from a store and put it in the center of the neckband to reflect the original design. The back of the neck has grommets hammered in to give a lace up area. For the corset, I used Burda Pattern 8601 (…), but modified it heavily to get the exposed bust and underbust look. On top of the black taffeta is black gems threaded with jewelry wire and shaped to make swirls. The center brooch was bought at the store I work at. The underbust has black sequined trim hand stitched on, and grommets hammered in the front. Featherweight boning was used to help reinforce the corset. The arm bands are free drafted with grommets hammered in to lace up with. Where the arm band and the dangling fabric connects, there are gems and a danging band of black glitter trim. The hanging fabric has black glitter trim hand stitched on. The front corner of both arm bands have a gem sewn on and dangling jewel trim. The gloves were bought from a costuming store. The circle skirt was made using The Green Peppers Ice Skating Pattern (…). The pattern was heavily modified to work for no stretch fabric and scalloped to create the needed look. The white godets are bridal fabric with printed bridal fabric on top. Black glitter trim was hand stitched on the skirt. Knee high tights and Manolo Blahnik shoes complete my look!

This is one of the few costumes that went without any problems! I loved out it came out and was so happy that people recognized the character even though I went total Glitter Bomb on it! I need to have a shoe doctor fix the shoes up a bit-they're made more for look than function! I hope that Soul Eater and Blair fans like this interpretation of her! <3
Weiss Schnee En Guard by HollyGloha
Weiss Schnee En Guard
Weiss Model/Costumer: Me!
Photographer: Houston Is Photography (… )

I stumbled across RWBY on Crunchyroll after I saw so many people on my Facebook commenting on the series.  I loved it!  Each character has a fantastic design and weapons that I just DREAM about owning one day!  <3  Weiss's design stood out the most to me, with the contrasting of cool colors and the bright red lining of her jacket.  To me, she developed the most in the series: she's strong, confident-but her first year of Beacon really knocked her around.  She held onto her strength, and even displayed a caring side-if it was a bit backhanded.   

Weiss Costume: From the bottom down:
 The boots were purchased online, and I had to pop off the top band around the knee and hand curl and stitch the V shape into the boot.  Once that was done, I spray painted the boots with two different cans of Rustoleum Painter's Pro for Vinyl cans to get the gradient look.  I had the toe covered in painters tape, and after the paint had dried, I peeled that off, hot glued on the silver rope trim and hot glued white vinyl in the diamond areas.  

The skirt was made with high quality white bridal satin using the Green Pepper Ice Skaters Pattern (… ). I sketched out the scallop design, then used a solder tool on the edges-it cauterized the edges so I didn't have to do a hem on them.  Following a FABULOUS tip I saw on God Save the Queen Fashions Facebook, I proceeded to gradient dye the fabric.  In a spray bottle, mix a light colored fabric paint with water (you'll have to experiment to get the right viscosity).  Spray that onto WET fabric-the paint will spread beautifully giving a wonderful Dip Dye Look.  Let that hang dry for 3 days, then repeat the process with a darker fabric dye.  Best. Tip. EVER!!!  Once it was done, I stitched on the white chiffon layer and proceeded to hand paint on the lace design using fabric puff paint.  (I drew out the design of the lace to scale-to paint it on, I had the paper on the bottom, wax paper on top, then pinned the chiffon on top of the wax paper and traced the design with the paint.)  Once it was properly dried, I used to solder tool to cauterize the ends.  I finished the hems with a folded hem (I was going for Craftsmanship on this one).  I hand stitched on a silver trim layer between the fabric and chiffon to give just bit of pop.  

The corset is actually a bunnysuit pattern I bought off of Nerdbroidery on Etsy ( ), but the patterns are usually Limited Edition, so when she sells them, BUY THEM!  Using high quality white bridal satin, I followed the instructions to the letter and got a gorgeous, form fitting steel boned corset that i adore!  I did add on the belt, and top stitched it on half of the corset, the other half hangs free so I can use the zipper in the back.  I attach the belt in the front with some snaps, so I can dress myself without my belt looking derpy.  The black part is three layers of chiffon-the largest layer is scalloped with dots, the second medium layer is scalloped,and the third, front layer is just one semi-circle.  All three were cut out with the solder tool.

The jacket is a heavily modified Simplicity pattern #3775 (… ) Figure F.  I made a mockup out of muslin to draft where the scalloping would go, design the bell sleeves and scalloping, and draft how much fabric I would need for the white edging on the sleeves.  So. Much. Drafting!  The snowflake design was modified a bit, then cut out with the solder tool, (as was the sleeve cutouts) then the back pattern and sleeves were spray dyed in the same fashion as the skirt.  I used two layers of white fabric for the outside, and one layer of red satin for the inside lining.  The collar was free drafted, pleated and had heavy interfacing inside to give it some rigidity.  The inside hem of the sleeves were exposed, so I did an enclosed hem with bias tape.  Again, I handstitched on silver trim for detailing.  

The wig was bought online, and was one of the few that came with the little bun.  I bought a tiara from Sam Moon Trading company and modified it a bit to fit around the detatchable ponytail clip

I went for pure Craftsmanship on this one, so all my seams were pressed and finished, and I'm so glad the judges noticed that!  This was about 3+ months of labor, since I was being so detail oriented.  The solder tool I used was bought at Hobby Lobby (… ) and was an amazing purchase!  You can cut out beautiful designs on synthetic fabric with this-giving your cosplay THAT more detail!  Fair stinks so badly when you use it on fabric.  D:
Princess White Rose Sakizou by HollyGloha
Princess White Rose Sakizou
Model/Costumer: Me!
Design by Sakizo: :iconsakizo:

Sakizo!  How amazingly gorgeous is her artwork!  The details, the romantic nature, the pure fantasy of the looks she creates~I’m absolutely inspired!  I adore her artwork and am absolutely excited that I finally had the chance to bring one of her iconic drawings to life. 

 From the top down:  So. Many. ROSES!  Thankfully I bought all of those gorgeous roses at Hobby Lobby during their Floral 50% off sale.  The rose hat was a baseball cap I took apart, hemmed and handstitched on all the roses, trying to keep from putting two similar colored roses too close together.  Once I had them where I wanted, I added in large medallion Venetian lace between the roses and along the brim of the hat.  Glass pearls (A canabalized Charming Charlie’s necklace) were mounted onto jewelry wire, shaped into spirals and handstitched within the roses.  More glass pears were draped on jewelry string and stitched in a draped fashion along the sides of the hat.  A Charming Charlie’s earring was sacrificed to create the gem on the forehead, along with a drop pearl.  The wig is from Gothic and Lolita wigs and is AMAZING!  It’s so thick and soft….I was so hurt and jealous that my natural hair did not look like that. 

The corset was made using McCalls pattern M5321 (…  ). The fabric on the shell of the corset is matted bridal satin in cream (although it photographs more pink) and lavender.  I chose the cream color to stay close to Sakizo’s source art, and chose lavender because I really like purples.  :p  For the underbust part, I had to use the solder tool to shape some of the lavender fabrics so that it complemented the curve shown on Sakizo’s artwork.  The fabric on the bust was soldered to prevent fraying and pleated by hand.  Once the bust and underbust parts were sewn together, I handstitched on all the lace, pearl trim and ruffles.  The lace was handpainted pink to complement the gorgeous sequin fabric I used as a trim. I glued on Swarovski gems to the pink flowered lace for a bit more pop and added on white buttons to the front.  The lining is cotton and boned with spiral steel boning.  Since the corset zips on the left side, the waist trim on the left side actually has snaps sewn into them.  (I zip up, snap the trim on and it looks symmetrical to the right side waist trim).  The chest brooch was a purchase from Charming Charlie’s a LONG time ago, adorned with leftover lace/trim that I soldered to prevent fraying.  The large gold and pink pin on the bottom of the corset was purchased off of eBay and is so very gorgeous! 

I was so inspired by the whisks created by PlatinumEgoist and Yaya Han and wanted to create something in that vein.  9 gauge steel wire was shaped into a frame, wrapped in felt and had tulle stretched across it.  The frame slides into two tracts sewn into the back of the corset so I don’t have over the shoulder straps.  I spent HOURS creating a Spanish Flounce. (It’s actually the same flounce I made for my Gone With the Wind Rarity cosplay).  Countless circles in purple, yellow, white, pink and cream were cut out of mirrored organza, soldered around the edges to prevent fraying.  Using the solder tool, I soldered a line from the center of the circle to the edge and pulled the fabric open, so that I had a Pac Man looking piece of fabric.  I would solder three like colored circles together from the center lines, so that I had a flouncy, flowy piece of fabric. My *intent* was to have those fabric pieces stretched across the frame creating a miniature rainbow….but the fabric was far too light and would flop over.  I had to hand gather them instead and hand tack them to the frame.  I love the look of it, but do sometimes wish that my original idea would have worked.

The shoulder puffs are matte lavender fabric.  Inside the puffs, I made form fitting cuffs that slide onto my arms.  The puff themselves are gathered and pleated fabric sewn onto the cuffs, with the edges soldered to prevent fraying.

The gloves are an Icing by Claires purchase.  I hand tacked on the lace/ruffles/pearl trim and added on the tiny pink flowers (at your local JoAnn Fabrics! ♥)

The skirt was drafted using the Green Pepper Crystal Lake Skating Outfit pattern (… ).  I patterned it so that the front and back panels were in lavender, and the side panels in cream.  I added on the front a back bibs to give it a bit more pop (plus, in one of Sakizo’s drawings, it looks like the skirt has some ruffled details (    I spent a lot of time creepily peering at that skirt trying to figure out what that ruffle detail could look like and ended up doing my own interpretation).  Different types of lace/ruffles/pearl trim was hand applied to the edges.  Every rose on that skirt has snaps affixed to the back so that I can pop the roses off and wash the skirt.  The hoop skirt was an old flimsy floor length hoopskirt that I trimmed to size and reinforced the hoops with more 9 gauge steel wire.  The tights are two different colors from 

The train was a tulle and sequin piece of fabric bought off of eBay on a whim.  The darker, more vibrant pink is why I tried to incorporate pinker roses, painted lace and jewelry into my costume.  The train also snaps to the underside of the skirt so I can attach/detatch it as needed.  (Allowing me to wash it if I need to).  The edges are rolled for a clean look and the gorgeous design of the sequinning at the bottom gives the fabric a sweep and drape that’s to die for!  ♥

The boots were originally over the knee boots bought off of eBay.  I trimmed off the excess, scalloped the tops and after soldering the pink and gold fabric edges, hand stitched on all the diamonds to the front of the boots.  I then handstitched on all the gold trim. 


Final thoughts: Truthfully, I’ve never played Excel Saga, and I didn’t know that this drawing was of a video game character.  Princess White Rose was a design that excited and intimidated me, and for years I wouldn’t even consider attempting to create it as I felt my talents were lacking.  Plus: the design of Princess White Rose changed from Sakizo drawing to drawing:……

Since the designs varied, it allowed me to cherry pick elements from each drawing and create a look that complements the artist’s work, but allows me to have elements of my own in it.  I’m glad I finally tacked the design that I slightly feared and that it turned out so beautifully!  I truly hope that all Sakizo fans enjoy the costume I’ve created, and because of this dress I’m excited to try new and more challenging designs! 

Christmas Holiday Angel by HollyGloha
Christmas Holiday Angel
Model/Costumer: Me!
Photographer: Jeramy Photography LLC (…  )

I recently had the honor of attending a gorgeous Holiday Themed photoshoot, and wanted to create something that was fitting for the season.  I didn't have time to sew an entirely new costume for this, so I merged two cosplays I had: my Princess Celestia (version 2) for the corset and top skirt, and my Rarity for the ballgown skirt.  I topped it with my Sailor Venus blonde wig and a cloak that I added fur trim to.  To add some elegance, I dolled up my wings a la Victoria Secret Runway Show style with beaded trim, white and gold flowers and glitter detailings.

From the bottom down:
Taken from my Princess Celestia Version 2 descriptor:  The entire outfit was heavily inspired by a Le Chat De Neige dollfie outfit I saw here (… ).  The underskirt was from my original Princess Celestia (now destroyed to make this new costume) and was originally created from the Green Pepper Ice Skating Pattern (… ).  The bottom of the half moon skirts was printed bridal fabric.  I ironed in the pleats, then top stitched them so they would retain their shape.  The middle half moon skirt is chiffon.  I cut it out, used a solder tool to heat cauter the ends, rolled the hem and added on the lace.  The top half moon skirt is the same white bridal satin as the underskirt, with lace hand stitched on.  The bodice was free drafted using these two tutorials (… ) and (… ).  I literally wrapped my torso in saran wrap, used a light colored sharpie to draw where I wanted the seams to go, then went over the better ones with a darker sharpie.  I cut off the saran wrap, annotated which piece corresponded to which part of the pattern (also made notes how much seam allowance to add) and cut them all out.  The bodice is layered, layered, layered.  The lining is plain bridal satin, with steel wire boning.  The outside of the bodice has a base layer of bridal satin, then either a printed bridal satin or plain white satin, then topped with white chiffon.  The collar is free drafted using excess fabric from one of the bust straps (bridal satin, printed bridal satin, chiffon) with chiffon trim (the same chiffon trim from my Kirakishou costume) topped with eyelet lace that I threaded metallic gold ribbon through.  The brooch is purchased from Charming Charlies-one of my uber favorite stores!  The wings were made using JiaJem's fabulous wing tutorial ( ).  Besides adding tracts in the back of my corset, I also added two small straps with snaps on the ends.  The straps wrap around part of the wire of the wings and prevents them from becoming lopsided from all the weight.  I bought a TON of ostrich feathers from this gentleman *he's incredibly reliable!*    ( ).  I was so heavily inspired by the latest Victoria's Secret runway show ~ all the models had such stunning ostrich feather wings!  The lace medallions were purchased from a myriad of sources, but mostly from  (… ) who is wonderful!  I hand painted each piece using Lumiere gold fabric paint so that each piece was equal in color.  I had to take some medallions apart and rearrange them to get the proper look of a Royal Princess. 

From my Rarity descriptor:

The dress pattern was from Pegee of Williamsburg (…) and is a VERY INTENSIVE costume!  The fabric is a printed bridal satin topped off with a chiffon fabric.

Overall, I love how it came together and created a beautiful look for the holidays!  I hope you enjoy as well!


Holly Gloha
United States
I like to say I'm too multi-faceted to be confined by any one definition. ;) I take great delight in being me. Trite, but true.

I do a lot of costuming, but am still in the "Learning" category. As I make each new costume I learn new tricks, discover new frustrations and enjoy new victories. I love the costuming community (well, except for the snarky people, but they're everywhere...take the bad with the good, I guess). I'm by no stretch of the imagination a Professional of Cosplay, just someone having fun. If you for some reason come to me with a question, I'll try my best to help out, but remember, I'm still Amateur. For now. ;)

I'm also a martial artist *didn't see THAT one coming, didja?* I actually find it cathartic, and it helped fill a void left when I was no longer able to continue with ballet. I plan on continuing to learn until I'm either Old and Busted, or Strapped Down With a Family. Whichever one comes first.

I hope you enjoy my page! I look forward to meeting fellow costumers, photographers or people who just like the pictures I post! :)

Current Residence: Houston, Tx
I can't believe how long it's been since I've done a journal update!  I decided I needed much more stress in my life, so I started taking a full time semester along with my full time job!  :)  If all plays out right, I'll have my Medical Coding certification by the end of this semester!  *fingers crossed*  My costuming is taking a hit, time wise.  I just can't crank them out like I used to, and I really want to!  :(  I'll still sew, it relaxes me, and I should have some new fabulous pictures of my Belly Dancer start to come in!  Xoxo for your love and patience!  Wish a nerd girl a successful semester! 

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