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Gold Hearts by HollyGloha
Gold Hearts
Just need to put this here for a few days..  :3
Catwoman Tribute to Batman by HollyGloha
Catwoman Tribute to Batman
Catwoman Model/Costumer: Me!
Photographer: Megaship Cosplay Photography (…; )
Touch Up/Edits by: Jeramy Photography LLC (…; )

I remember when the Ame Comi line of DC figures came out I adored them all! I especially loved the first version of Catwoman they had, but wasn't able to cosplay it. However, when the second version came out, I fell in love! I collected back issues of Catwoman when Jim Balent was the artist and appreciated that the Ame Comi artist used the original color purple in the figure.

Catwoman Costume: Top down....The wig is a pixie cut one from a previous cosplay. I created the blue clip in weft myself to resemble the figurine. The cap was drafted from a tutorial I found on the Red Headed Seamstresses website (…). The bodysuit was made with Stretch and Sew pattern f845 from metallic styled stretch fabric I ordered online. I free drafted the belts and stitched them on. The zipper had the cloth sides trimmed off and was stitched on-it's non functional. The neck has snaps on the back that allow me in/out of the costume. The gloves were from Vogue Pattern 7949-adjust accordingly, it's for people with small twig arms! The boots were made from Sarcasm-hime's tutorial at: (…) I glued on a silver strip on the boot to resemble the zipper....that was just a tad too complex for me to do!

I love how close to the figure I got! Although I had limited time, it came together quickly and rekindled my love for cosplay! If Ame Comi continues to make these beautiful figurines, I may have to do more of their cosplays!
Psylocke, Wings and a Dream by HollyGloha
Psylocke, Wings and a Dream
Model/Costumer: :iconhollygloha:
Photographer: :iconfilmshooter:

Much to the chagrin of my mother...I read comics over girly magazines, and honestly, the Marvel universe was my favorite (although I did dabble in the other companies comics)  When I read X-Men, all my friends loved Rogue *it must be a Southern thing*, but Psylocke was my favorite!  Jim Lee drew her so amazingly!  She was beautiful, a wonderful martial artist and had a bit of an identity crisis.  It all resonated with me.  I wanted to cosplayer her for a long time, and I'm excited to show my original interpretation!

Psylocke Costume Construction: The dress is made from a gorgeous blue silk I found at Texstyles (if you're ever in Austin, go there...their fabric selection is stunning!).  I used McCalls pattern #4369 (…; ) and modified the armholes a bit to make it closer to Jim Lee's artwork.  I bought some silver metallic heat transfer vinyl off of and spent a LOT of time cutting out large filigree designs.  (I drafted them on paper, used double stick tape to place them on the vinyl and cut, cut, hand was so sore at the end!)  I also modified the slits on the side to go up to the waistline area to be a bit more flirty (Psylocke was very comfortable being desirable, after all)  The belt is made from a bright red brocade, made long enough to be tied on my waistline and still pay tribute to her look.  The gloves, armbands and leg bands were made out of a spandex I found that was serendipitously the exact same color as the silk!  I took a few leg bands and stitched them together to reflect the criss-cross design found in the comic artwork.  The shoes were bought online, and were a shade too dark.  I spray painted them and the color was a lot better~much closer to my silk dress!  I ironed on the silver filigree designs on the dress, the gloves and the top leg bands.  The wig I wanted wasn't working, so I used my Blair the Cat wig, put in a curly clip in ponytail and decorated it with flowers, jewels and butterflies.  

Final Thoughts: There were some difficulties with this costume, and some things I need to fix.  Iron on silver vinyl on silk seems to work, but on the spandex....not so much.  I was going to have filigree on the arm bands, but they popped off.  :/  The skirt of the dress tends to bunch up on the waist area...I'll sew some fabric weights in the hem to keep it from creeping up and getting Too Saucy.  ;)  I'm going to attempt to style a more subdued wig...I think the Blair wig is a bit too vibrant, but it works for now.  (And I need to get over my fears of wig styling anyway)  I love original interpretations so much!  As a cosplayer I love bringing characters to life, as well as being able to inject some of my creativity to the table.  I do plan on making Psylocke's canon costume as done by Jim Lee, though!
Dr Mrs The Monarch A Very Venture Valentine by HollyGloha
Dr Mrs The Monarch A Very Venture Valentine
Model/Costumer: Me!
Photographer: Jeramy Photography LLC (…  )

Here it is....THE costume. This is where everyone seemed to sit up and take notice of me as a costumer. Go figure. ;) Earlier pics, my boots and crown were badly made, but after some perseverance and tips from more experienced cosplayers, I got it right. One day I may redo this one in latex, but for now, the vinyl works. ;)

Dr Mrs The Monarch Costume: Wow....okay, starting from the top down...I remade the crown (the first one was a tragic monstrosity made from wonderflex, hot glue and had to be destroyed). The new one was made after I emailed caliph o'clowns and asked her for tips. Not only did she give me great tips, she even emailed me a basic pattern! caliph o'clowns, you officially rock. :) The wig is a mid-back level wig style named "Perfect" that I had to trim and trim to get Just Right. The collar was free drafted and done from 2 way stretch vinyl. The gloves were done from a Vogue pattern that I had to alter to accommodate my arms (the pattern was for twig thin arms!) The bodysuit was made from 4 way stretch vinyl using the Green Pepper Ice Skater's pattern. I had to modify the pattern a bit to make it one piece, instead of a top and bottom piece. I free drafted the butterfly pattern, "wings" and yellow trim and topstitched them all on. The boots were a Pain! I used the online tutorial (…) but still had difficulties, since this was my first time attempting to do this. I had to remake them about three times to get them right, but I'm sure there's Room For Improvement. They slip right over my Charlotte Russe heels *wear gel inserts, they save your feet!*
Kirakishou White Rose Red Poinsettia by HollyGloha
Kirakishou White Rose Red Poinsettia
Model/Costumer: Me! 
Photographer: FilmShooter (

**UPDATE**  I was invited to do a Christmas Themed cosplay photoshoot, and had to pull Kirakishou out!  I figured the color combination of red and white would have looked amazing and even slightly romantic.  ♥

I loved the Rozen Maiden sereis, and after reading the manga, I fell in love with the character and look of Kirakishou. I copied the design from the dollfie doll and loved how it came out. Unfortunately, this is one of those costumes where I get asked "who is your character?" a lot, but I still love it. 

Kirakishou Costume: From the top down....The wig (style named Rose)was purchased from Cosworx, and maaay need a few wefts added to it. The white color makes it slightly translucent and is kinda distracting in the back where you can see the wefts...I took two fabric roses, popped off the stems and stitched them onto two silver barrettes. (I reinforced the roses with hot glue, just in case they decided to fall apart without their stems). The eyepatch was hotglued onto a satin patch that had two holes poked into it. I threaded clear fishing wire through those holes and used those and hair pins to secure the rose to my wig, thus covering my right eye. I freedrafted the choker and lattice styled chestpiece myself. (the lattice is attached to the corset with velcro. Velcro is also what holds the choker closed) The corset was made from a Burda patten (style #8601), and is made from 2 layers of bridal satin (one layer being too see through). It's boned with featherweight boning, and lined with costume satin. The ruffles were two seperate premade strips, I just sewed them together and inserted them into the seams before I stitched everything closed. The sleeves were drafted from a Simplicity pattern (#2832), and are also two laters of bridal satin (with the exception of the chiffon sleeve). The skirt was from a Burda pattern (style #8175), modified to reflect the petaling of the skirt. (I wanted it to look like the Kirakishou dolls…). I ordered the boots online, from, but am on the lookout for ones without the large stiletto and platform heel.....


Holly Gloha
United States
I like to say I'm too multi-faceted to be confined by any one definition. ;) I take great delight in being me. Trite, but true.

I do a lot of costuming, but am still in the "Learning" category. As I make each new costume I learn new tricks, discover new frustrations and enjoy new victories. I love the costuming community (well, except for the snarky people, but they're everywhere...take the bad with the good, I guess). I'm by no stretch of the imagination a Professional of Cosplay, just someone having fun. If you for some reason come to me with a question, I'll try my best to help out, but remember, I'm still Amateur. For now. ;)

I'm also a martial artist *didn't see THAT one coming, didja?* I actually find it cathartic, and it helped fill a void left when I was no longer able to continue with ballet. I plan on continuing to learn until I'm either Old and Busted, or Strapped Down With a Family. Whichever one comes first.

I hope you enjoy my page! I look forward to meeting fellow costumers, photographers or people who just like the pictures I post! :)

Current Residence: Austin, Tx
I can't believe how long it's been since I've done a journal update!  I decided I needed much more stress in my life, so I started taking a full time semester along with my full time job!  :)  If all plays out right, I'll have my Medical Coding certification by the end of this semester!  *fingers crossed*  My costuming is taking a hit, time wise.  I just can't crank them out like I used to, and I really want to!  :(  I'll still sew, it relaxes me, and I should have some new fabulous pictures of my Belly Dancer start to come in!  Xoxo for your love and patience!  Wish a nerd girl a successful semester! 

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