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NoFlutter Sailor Venus En Recline by HollyGloha NoFlutter Sailor Venus En Recline by HollyGloha
Model/Costumer: Me!
Photographer: Houston Is Photography (… )
Design by NoFlutter:

I won't lie, I'm loving the resurgance of Sailor Moon!  In addition to the new anime, a lot of talented artists are creating some stunning designs of our favorite magical girls!  When I saw NoFlutter's designs trickle in on Facebook I was absolutely floored!  They were all so intricate, with elements that give them their own personality, but also close enough in design so that you know they're all a team!  Sailors Venus, Saturn and Neptune are my favorite scouts in the anime/manga, and NoFlutter's designs of those three are my favorites!  

NoFlutter Sailor Venus Costume: The tiara is a Charming Charlies necklace and an Etsy filigree necklace disassembled and reassembled.  I also added clasps to various parts to it so it latches onto the wig.  (and more importantly comes off so I can wash the wig). For the jacket, I used Simplicity pattern 0516 (…; ) which was modified to get the look I want.  The sleeves were stuffed with batting and the spindle shaped creamsickle silk has glitter trim around it to give it a bit more pop.  For the stand up collar, I used orange matte satin, stitched on more glitter white trim and sandwiched it with heavyweight interfacing.   The corset was made from layers of white bridal satin and creamsickle color silks.  I used Rufflebutt's Bunnysuit Pattern to make the corset (… ).  I handstitched on the gold buttons and made gold chains for the corset and jacket that have clasps for easy removal (and allows for the removal of the chains to wash the garments)  The skirt has three layers:  The most underskirt is white bridal satin, hemmed, with horsehair braid to give it some flounce.  The middle skirt is orange matte satin with creamsickle silk trim.  I pleated, ironed, and topstitched every pleat there.  The Top skirt is the creamsickle silk, made from four pieces~one for the backside, two for the drape on the sides and the last piece for the bustle (which is stuffed with tulle).  The white skirt snaps to the middle/underskirt (they're stitched together), which snaps to the corset.  All the bows are made from blue matte satin, have heavyweight interfacing and snap on/off the garments.  (I also used extra Charming Charlie's jewels from the cannibalized necklace for the tiara).  I handstitched two different types of lace on the stockings and found adorable shoes online that fit the look of the character

I love this costume so much!  And the fact that so many people are welcoming to this gorgeous design add to the fun!  I adore wearing gowns and elegant costumes and this fits the bill.  NoFlutter has so many stunning designs, my To Cosplay List grew like crazy!  ♥ 
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lordrueben Featured By Owner May 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wonderful outfit...   Love the pose too.. 
Robinsu Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice Cosplay of Sailor Venus!
Jodhpurs1 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 3, 2017
There's as much verve in the text about creating the look as there is in the photos.   
Exclamations! "adore" and "stunning" and "I'm loving" and "absolutely floored" and "my favorites" and "the fun!" show the sheer energy it takes to get a result from "I handstitched" and "added clasps" and "disassembled and reassembled" and "modified to get the look I want" and "I pleated, ironed and topstictched every pleat"....  
Phew! The concentrated commitment of all that is like the fluency in the best writing and editing in my field.  Or any Art.  What momentum, and somewhere between the craftsmanship and your martial arts, what a range.   Do they have hurricanes in Houston?  well they've got one now! 
HollyGloha Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
Gracious! I may be a bit of a wordsmith, but is is quite evident that you are a master of the letter!  I bow to your ability to blend words, and find much inspiration in your talents!
Jodhpurs1 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017
Aside from the idea about printed portfolio and the one about text-photo book...  It's only a matter of time before PhDs research cosplay, and it would be more authoritative if a thesis was written from the inside - - a chance to indulge all your cosplay interests for three years and maybe get a bursary for it.  Aside from researching approaches of other designer/players, and tracing influences in the culture, whatever cosplay you devise becomes part of the result.  
Where cosplay might go in the future would be worthwhile speculation in there too.  
 I've witnessed folk get PhDs with less creativity and focus than you've already invested.  May seem far out now, but sometimes, as circumstances change, what was once a chimera becomes yours for the taking. 
So until then, Dr. Gloha, keep it under your hat.  
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